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Welcome to the HBKA                 
Huntingdonshire Beekeepers’ Association (HBKA) has been in existence for over 130 years, having been formed in 1882.
Presently we have a little over 100 members of whom over 80 own hives and look after honey bee colonies.
We draw members from an area based on old Huntingdonshire County boundaries so we range from Ramsey / Manea to the Staughtons. Our ‘area’ overlaps with CBKA and PBKA so we keep close contact with both to co-operate as and when we can.
We are no longer affiliated to BBKA so our annual subscriptions can remain at £20 but  continues to include 3rd party and hive insurance. We do not have charity status, we are self-governing and do not have any financial support other than occasional grants and members contributions.

Our aims are to promote the welfare of honey bees, beekeepers and the role of honey bees in the environment.
We don’t have an office or HQ so we use the apiary at Hinchingbrooke Country Park as our main meeting point and hold meetings in the Country Park Countryside Centre.
The association apiary has 16 colonies in a variety of hive types – there is a large gallery that allows the public to see the bees from behind a glass wall. You will find a beekeeper available to answer your questions most Sunday afternoons between April and September. We also open during the week for school parties. Visit the Association Apiary in Hinchingbrooke Country Park Huntingdon – Tel 01480 388666.
Click on our Video below for more information on our Association.
If you require any more information then please Contact Us using our online form.
If you would like to join our association, please fill in our easy on-line Member Application HERE.
Complete and return the form with your remittance to our Membership Secretary as indicated.

Take a look at our Association Video made and produced by Gareth Holsgrove and Mitchell Harris.

8 months ago

Our Sun hive now has bees! We rescued a swarm of honeybees and they’ve now taken up residency in the Sun hive, how exciting! This is the first year of having the Sun hive, so we’re extremely ... See more

9 months ago

9 months ago

*jumps with happiness* 🐝🐝🐝🐝

In the last few minutes the European Union has voted to ban bee-harming neonicotinoid pesticides (neonics) on all crops grown outdoors.