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Please fill in the following details to electronically notify us of your intent to Apply or Renew a HBKA Membership.
All renewal subscriptions should be paid by 1st January.
For Additional Payment Details and Explanatory Information please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Cheques should be made payable to Huntingdonshire Beekeepers Association and sent to:
HBKA Membership, Jasper Cottage, 17 West End, Brampton, Cambridgeshire, PE28 4SD

If paying online, please make the payment direct to NatWest:
Sort Code: 60-11-30
Account Number: 21663610
Reference Box: Please enter Your Name (Some banks don't automatically include the sender's name so we won't know who made the payment!)

Please confirm all the above is answered to the best of your knowledge

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Membership of HBKA also includes an insurance premium of £2 which provides Scheme 'A' (BDI) Bee Diseases Insurance cover for three colonies. The BDI scheme requires all colonies owned by the member to be insured. If you expect to have more than 3 colonies please select the appropriate additional premium at the rate shown below:
No of Colonies Additional premium
4 - 5 £2.00}
6 - 10 £5.25} Choose
11 - 15 £7.75} only one
16 - 20 £9.50}
21 - 25 £11.10}
26 - 30 £13.60}
31 - 35 £16.10}
36 - 39 £18.10}
Premiums paid after 31st March give cover from 41 days after payment until 31st December of that year.
Please note that it is the number of colonies that you have at the time of inspection when foul brood is found that counts for insurance. All colonies must be covered by insurance and in the event of underinsurance, claims will be rendered invalid and no compensation paid. Members must therefore take out insurance for the number of colonies they anticipate having in the summer.
N.B. The premium is not expensive compared with the potential loss, so please ensure your cover is adequate to allow for colony splitting and expansion. Scheme 'A' insurance is for beekeepers with no more than 39 colonies. Beekeepers with more than 39 colonies should insure under Scheme 'B'. Please request details from the HBKA Membership Secretary.


Donations are gratefully received for the promotion of beekeeping and educations activities of our Association.
Additional Explanatory Information


Knowing the location of members' hives helps with spray liaison communications, disease warnings, as well as alerts about theft in the vicinity


BeeBase is the Fera National Bee Unit website. The BeeBase website provides a wide range of free information for beekeepers to help keep their honey bees healthy and productive. Knowing the distribution of beekeepers and their apiaries across the country helps Fera to effectively monitor and control the spread of serious honey bee pests and diseases, as well as provide up-to-date information in keeping bees healthy and productive. Please sign up.


The Association has a commitment to promoting beekeeping to the general public and opens the Association hives at Hinchingbrooke Country Park every Sunday 2-3pm (weather permitting) during April to September. Please indicate if you are able to help by being one of a team of people who talk about and/or show the bees to the public.


The Association promotes beekeeping by attending local events such as Village Shows, Fairs, Fetes and Open Days. Please indicate overleaf if you are willing to offer some help in assisting with the organisation of and/or manning these events. If you are able to help promote beekeeping by giving talks please indicate overleaf.


To support new beekeepers the Association tries to find members who are willing to act as a "Bee Buddy" for each beginner. Please offer help if you are able.


HBKA Members are points of contact for the general public, police, local councils, etc. who seek assistance in capturing or removing swarms. To maintain the reputation of beekeeping, it is important for members of the Association to undertake swarm removal as a service to the public. Members who are either interested in having swarms or are willing to remove swarms during the swarming season are asked to indicate this overleaf. To operate this scheme, it is particularly important that you include your telephone number and postcode on the Membership Application/Renewal Form. Your details will be kept on computer for this purpose and contact details may be passed to appropriate organisations.


In order to reduce the workload of the Membership Secretary, Treasurer and Editor, membership details obtained from the Membership Application/Renewal Form will be held on a computer. This information is used only in the administration of HBKA business, for the despatch of notices, identification of helpers, swarm notification and other beekeeping matters.
The Data Protection Act requires the compulsory registration of any computer database containing personal information about individuals, subject to certain exemptions. The HBKA mailing-list database is exempt from registration, provided members are aware that their details are being held in the Database which is for use by the Association in connection with beekeeping.

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