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Bees swarming is a natural occurrence most often in Spring. Bee swarms are identified by a mass of bees clustered on a post or hanging from a tree or some other structure and looks like a live bunch of grapes. The bees may stay in this cluster for a few minutes up to a few days while they look for a new home.
Swarming bees are not dangerous and are just looking for a new home and should be left alone, do not spray them with a hose, smoke or insecticide as you may get stung. The bees will not harm you if they are left alone!
The HBKA has members who are willing to collect swarms of bees, or nests in houses or gardens, when members of the public prefer to have them removed. They will be happy to discuss any Honeybee matters with curious members of the public.

 Huntingdon including 



 Stukeleys &                                       



 Roger Wood   01480509159 or 07950784534 
 Kathy Cairns                      01480860526 or 07760773377
 Allan Lewis
 Tim Ward  07952021661
 Matt Ward  07460436951
 Graham Webb  01480412230
 Alconbury & W of Huntingdon    John Newman  01480890404
 Peter Pupins  01480890861
 Stephen Brice  01480891330
 Graffham  Nick Steiger  01480812325
 Keyston  Alex Kienan  07503058456
 Molesworth  Geoff Burn  01832710349 or 768022670
 Easton  Peter Gould  01480891043
 Stilton  Stephen Peck  07743895871
 Morborne  Matt Ramscar  01733229000
 St Ives including

 Houghton, Wyton &                 




 David Hetherington  01480393262 or 07841543011
 Andy Purvis                           01480496316
 John Brown  01480465138 or 07990584979
 Fen Drayton  Michael Rattigan  07930140141
 Bluntisham  Richard Kenyon  01487843377 or 07873549872
 Earith  Jeff McCall  07584038356
 Bar Hill  Mark Wooldridge  07980092275
 Colne  Brian Styles  01487842722
 Pidley  Andrew Purcell  01487840425 or 07771865987
 Warboys  Peter Wood-Eeles  01487822825 or 07802192648
 Ramsey  Steve Goddard  01487814485
 Ramsey St Mary’s    Jeff McCall  07584038586
 Malcolm McGregor  01733844587 or 07855505383
 Whittlesey  Paul Howe  01733840725 or 07855555973
 Stuart Dobson  01733840725
 March    Alan Mitch  01354688089 or 07738079804
 Charles Godfrey 01354650664 or 07739923182
 Wimblington  John Finn 07887747346
 Wisbech  Stephen Carter  01354638335
 Coldham  Julian Thurlow  01945860975
 Littleport  Benjamin Morenikeji  01353864870
 St Neots  Jan Wagstaff  01480470970
 Eaton Ford  John Warren  07927407737
 Great Paxton  Nina Sanders  01480216237 or 0774775724
 Eynesbury  John Fisher  07927407737
 Tilbrook  Simon Strong  01480860696
 Sandy  Ron Hudson  07711078862

Please be aware of and responsible for your own and others safety when picking up a swarm, do not take unnecessary risks; bees will always look after themselves.

Do not overreach horizontally or vertically, stand on anything, which could be unsafe, and be aware of spectators coming too close for example to take a picture.

Also, make sure you have all your equipment ready to hand and are properly suited before approaching the swarm.

If you experience a situation where you are uncomfortable when faced with picking up a swarm, please call Roger Wood or David Hetherington who may be able to help.

Pest controller: Rural Pest Solutions This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is the email ask for Rob 07888678874.

Please refer to our website to look for members who want a swarm for themselves.

You may be able to help get a new beekeeper started by providing a swarm for them.

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