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Honey Show 2016

This is just a quick message to thank everyone who has helped to make this year’s honey show at Frost’s Garden Centre a success. I thank Frost’s themselves for allowing us the space inside the centre and for supplying tables. I must also thank “Purlwise” in Kimbolton who kindly sponsored the children’s activities; this establishment is run by Jacqui Cooper who will happily advise on any knitting related matters.
There were over 120 entries submitted for judging, everything from honey to cakes, wax, photographs and memorabilia. There will be a full list of certificates awarded, but I will mention the beautiful wax sculpture of bees created by Francesca Shaw which won “Best in Show”.
Other highlights; a wonderful video created by Gareth Holsgrove (who also supplied the monitor to show it on) a truly fine piece of work that will help us show the activities of HBKA to the general public.; lots of volunteers willing to help with the setting up and talking to the visitors, and a visually wonderful section of art presented by the children from Brampton Primary School.
For those of you who attended and/or volunteered, and to the judges Chris Evans and Sue Lang, many thanks. For those of you who did not make it; we missed you, come next time!

Nick Steiger


Trophy Winners

Best in Show Houghton Cup       Francisca Shaw (Class 13, Entry 31 Beeswax)
Most Points 1-16 Dilley Cup Francisca Shaw (18 points)
Novice 9A, 9B Stepple Gidding Cup Lauren Naisbit (Entry 47)
Cookery 17-20 plus 25 Capon Rose Bowl Stuart Dobson (6 points)
Mead 23,24 Mead Plate John Newman (3 points)
Photography 22 Ted Turner Memorial Plate Barbara Woodbine (Entry 76)

Entry Winners

Class     1st Place   2nd Place    3rd Place  
1 Two 1 lb jars Light Run Honey Alan Lewis (58) Barbara Woodbine (41)  
2 Two 1 lb jars Medium or Dark Run Honey Barbara Woodbine (44) Roger Wood (51) John Newman (69)
3 Two 1 lb jars Creamed Honey Stuart Dobson (92)   John Newman (70)
4 1 lb jar Natural Set Honey and 1 lb jar Creamed Honey and 1 lb jar Clear Honey John Newman (71) Francisca Shaw (22) Stuart Dobson (93)
5 Two 1 lb jars Granulated Honey Simon Strong (107) John Newman (72) Francisca Shaw (21)
6 Two 1 lb jars Chunk Honey   David Hetherington (5)  
7 Cut comb   Nick Steiger (77) Francisca Shaw (25)
8 Section - No Entries      
9 1 lb Jar covered in foil to be judged on aroma and taste only Melanie Sage (123) Gareth Holsgrove (87) Alan Lewis (67)
A Novice 1 x 1 lb jar Run Honey Lauren Nesbit (47) Roger Wood (54) Melanie Sage (125)
B Novice 1 x 1 lb jar Set Honey - No Entries      
10 One Shallow Comb suitable for extraction Melanie Sage (126) Francisca Shaw (27) Stuart Dobson (97)
11 Three (3) x 1 oz Blocks of Natural Beeswax Nick Steiger (16) Francisca Shaw (28) David Hetherington (7)
12 One Cake of Beeswax 8 oz (minimum weight) David Hetherington (8) Francisca Shaw (29)  
13 One Cake of Beeswax from a fancy mould Francisca Shaw (31) David Hetherington (9)  
14 Two Dipped Beeswax Candles     David Hetherington (11)
15 Two Moulded Beeswax Candles Francisca Shaw (33)    
16 Two Rolled Beeswax Candles   Francisca Shaw (34) David Hetherington (13)
17 One Honey Cake as per recipe Stuart Dobson (103) Alan Lewis (60) Melanie Sage (127)
18 Six Honey Biscuits - recipe to be submitted   Stuart Dobson (104) Roger Wood (55)
19 Six Small Honey Cakes – recipe to be submitted Roger Wood (56)   Stuart Dobson (105)
20 Honey Sweets up to a maximum of 12      Alan Mitch (115)
21 An Exhibit of Beekeeping Interest Mary Watkin (40) Sue Lang (85) Mark Wooldridge (128)
22 A Photograph of Beekeeping Interest Barbara Woodbine (76) Alan Lewis (64) Lauren Naisbit (128)
23 One Bottle of Mead John Newman (73) Alan Mitch (120) Gareth Holsgrove (86)
24 One Bottle of Melomel or Metheglin   Sara Holden (111)  
25 “Open’ Honey Cake. Recipe to be included with list of ingredients Barbara Woodbine (43) Nick Steiger (18)  

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