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Beginners Course

HBKA organise and run a beekeeping for beginners course for 4 hours on each of 21st April 18 and 28th April 2018 with a 4 hour follow up hands on session on the following weekends (weather permitting) to transfer the classroom knowledge into practical beekeeping.
If you decide that it is a hobby for you and you become a member of HBKA (£20 pa) we then find an experienced beekeeper to act as a mentor while you get started. We help you find bees which in early May are becoming readily available so you don’t have to wait long before starting your new hive. With reasonable weather you should not only develop a strong colony but also have some honey in the late summer.
The first element is based in the classroom at Hinchingbrooke Countryside Centre where you will cover all the aspects necessary to manage a successful colony of bees. The theory is all very well but we bring together the various strands of learning into a 4 hour session where you get to know the equipment needed, open hives, carry out inspections, start to identify what is going on in the colony and generally ask questions to bring together the theory of the previos weeks.
At the end of the course we leave you to decide how you wish to continue – if you decide to have bees we help with advice as to types of hives and where to obtain them, and, do our best to help you obtain bees.
The course is restricted to just 20 delegates – we can’t properly mentor more than that after the course – and is very relaxed i.e. no exams, but there is plenty to learn!
HBKA membership provides all the insurance cover you need for keeping bees including 3rd party and disease. Our membership inc insurance and ongoing assistance/advice and loan of expensive equipment costs just £20.
If you would like to join the course please contact the course tutor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The course fee is £60 which includes refreshments, a beekeeping book, loan of all equipment and clothing for the practical day and free car parking at the Countryside Centre.
We are always oversubscribed so please book early.

Use our Contact Form to reserve a place.

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