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The Huntingdonshire Beekeepers Association (HBKA) Apiary and viewing gallery is situated at the Hinchingbrooke Country Park.
The HBKA Apiary and its viewing gallery is located in Hinchingbrooke Country Park in the woods about 50 metres from the Countryside Centre along the path towards the lake. The 8 metre long gallery was built in 2012 with help from Big Lottery Fund, HDC, and Country Park volunteers and provides an opportunity to have a close up, bee free view of honey bees at work.
The additional hives have been very kindly donated by members both past and present.
With the expansion of the apiary and viewing gallery we are pleased to announce that the viewing gallery will be open daily during park hours in addition to our regular Sunday afternoon beekeeper led sessions. These sessions run, weather permitting, from April through to September between 2pm and 3pm.
During a led session the beekeepers are using this time to inspect the hives to check for the health of the colony – eggs and brood, honey stock, mood and general well-being. The beekeeper in the gallery with you will explain what you can see and will answer any questions. You may even be lucky enough to spot the Queen bee, although when you consider an average hive contains around 40,000 – 50,000 bees she may be difficult to locate!
With this fantastic new facility we welcome more groups to come in and see us – schools, WI, guiding and scouting to name a few, we can show you just how much we rely on the honey and other pollinators for our food. Not only that you can see how these fabulous insects go about their daily lives from behind the safety of glass.
If you want something a little more hands on why not sign up for one of beekeeping taster sessions?
For £15 you can join a small group of fellow 'tasters' and work alongside at least 2 of our members to inspect the hives and learn about their habits and hierarchy. For more details or for any other queries please use our online Contact Form.

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