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Monthly Tasks - June

• If you have taken off the sealed rape honey make sure the hive has enough honey for the bees if not feed with syrup. Beware this month can be short of nectar in some areas. Bees can become very irritable if food is short.
• Keep making inspections for queen cells and brood diseases. During inspections be careful of the bees as brood boxes will be full so don’t roll frames as you lift them out. Maybe, consider remove 2 frames before inspecting so you have more space?
• Check your bait hives to see if you have new occupants; if so, feed them to help draw out the foundation.
• Fit varroa floors to every hive and carry out weekly checks for the presence and amount of varroa. If you need to treat for varroa take the supers off the hive prior to treatment.
• If the weather is hot make sure the bees have access to water.

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